America’s ‘Liberty-loving Latino Amigo’ hosts Mark Levin Show

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, WABC radio host Rich Valdes “Mr. Call Screener” fills in for Mark. Patriotism is under attack and it’s up to us to restore it.

One common theme at the DNC convention was a lack of patriotism. President Reagan in his farewell address reminded us that informed patriotism is one of our responsibilities and one of the ways we maintained that was through the important dinner table conversations that was a focal point to the family unit.

Now that the family unit has taken a back seat, patriotism is under attack. So we as Americans need to step up when it comes to patriotism and pray for the Country.

Also, while Joe Biden sees America in darkness, President Trump sees American greatness.

Then, at the end of Biden’s DNC speech, he didn’t say God Bless America. This wasn’t by mistake, this is where the democrats are coming from. They want to take God out of America.


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