AOC adds another word to the racist list: “communist”

According to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the word “communist” should now be added to the list of words deemed racist. The congresswoman tweeted Wednesday that calling someone “communist” has a “long + rich history w/ white supremacy in the US.”

As Sam Dorman at Fox News wrote, “the New York congresswoman has a history of finding bias in apparently neutral activities.”

“She, for example, previously released a video in which she suggested that New Yorkers took a ‘colonial approach to environmentalism’ when they grew something like cauliflower instead of Yucca -- a plant often found in Mexico and Guatemala -- because doing so was ‘too hard,’” Dorman continued. “She also accused a journalist of perpetuating the ‘legacy of colonization’ by favoring statehood for Puerto Rico.”

Ocasio-Cortez tweets come as she faces criticism that her policy proposals, specifically "Green New Deal" and "Medicare-for-all," resemble those of communist regimes. Apparently, the congresswoman will now write off any critique to herself or her policies as “racist.”

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H/T: Fox News