AOC screams at border patrol agents, tweets contradictory messages

The Washington Examiner reporter Anna Giaritelli tweeted Monday that Ocasio-Cortez "screamed at law enforcement agents 'in a threatening manner'" during her and other congress members’ visit to immigrant detention facilities in southern Texas.

While not addressing whether or not she threw a fit, AOC later accused Customs and Border Protection officers of “keeping women in cells w/ no water & [telling] them to drink out of the toilets.”

Daily Mail, however, reported a CBP official’s statement Monday evening that “plumbing fixtures at the locations Ocasio-Cortez visited are standard-issue jail appliances with sinks that dispense safe drinking water attached to toilets in a single unit” (see below).










“Of course that's what we have,” the official said. “No one is drinking toilet water. They're drinking potable water from the sink attached to the toilet. It's what you would find in every municipal jail in the United States.”

As the reporters at Daily Mail pointed out, while Ocasio-Cortez claimed she didn't have photos of what she saw because 'CBP made us check our phones,' at least one of the dozen Democratic members of Congress visiting the border facilities, Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas, posted photos that he took inside.

Additionally, a Washington Examiner reporter tweeted that two sources inside the building said Ocasio-Cortez 'refused to tour the facility.'

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