AOC’s first opposition says Mueller put on a Show

As Mueller resigns from the Department of Justice with the closure of the Special Counsel’s office, the talk of impeaching President Trump continues to surge.

When asked about the importance of the impeachment talk, This Is America podcast host Rich Valdes told NewsMax TV’s Liquid Lunch host John Tabacco that talk of impeachment has surrounded the entirety of Trump’s presidency, even back to the moment he won the general election.

"I think this was originally designed to be an impeachment from the beginning, literally from November 2016 and beyond,” Valdes said.

Valdes asserted that the legal part of it, however, never existed. “Mueller never had probable cause to bring a charge, that's why he didn't bring a charge,” said Valdes. “And in terms of obstruction, Mueller had the opportunity to go after everybody, including the people that did not have presidential immunity.

Because Mueller “did not claim to have probable cause, nor did he go after anybody else to put the screws to them to flip on Trump,” the podcast host concluded that the Special Counsel “never had a case, [and] this is a show.”

Rich Valdes is the first Republican challenger to launch an exploratory bid to unseat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) from her seat in the district where the democratic socialist is often criticized for being seldom seen.

When asked about what inspired him to run against AOC, Valdes said that he goes after it on principle – that he believes AOC’s constituents should be given more attention than they currently receive from her.

"I worked for a congressman and I know what it takes to provide superior constituent services,” Valdes said. "We can't find her. Nobody knows where she is, we can't find her in the district, she's neglected her people.”

The reason that AOC is frequently “MIA” in her own district, Valdes observed, is because she is too busy with her personal interests.

“I like to say that AOC stands for 'ambition over constituents,'” Valdes said, “That's what she's chasing.”

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