Arizona HOA tells 82-year-old widow to remove property flag decoration — and she refused

An Arizona homeowners association told an 82-year-old veteran’s widow she couldn’t keep an American flag decoration on her property “because it doesn’t fit the neighborhood’s look,” Blaze Media reported.

Donna Cordero is a great grandmother and a veteran’s widow twice over. She paid to have her home numbers painted on her curb because the HOA wouldn’t cover it, and the company that performed the service for her offered an additional decoration to the numbers. Cordero chose the American flag in honor of her two deceased husbands.

Now the HOA wants to get involved and remove the flag — although they claim it’s not about the flag, of course. Donna Cordero, however, has not and will not comply.

"You've got to stand for something or you will fall for nothing and I'm not going to fall for nothing," she said. "This is my property and I just can't believe anybody would find that flag offensive."

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H/T: The Blaze