BARR: No Obstruction, No Collusion, Congress gets Unredacted Report and Mueller Can Testify

Attorney general William Barr has approved the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report with limited redactions.

Barr reiterated Robert Mueller’s position clearing President Trump of all crimes of Obstruction or Collusion (conspiracy). He added that Trump has waived all executive privilege, an unprecedented act and that the report will be made available to Congress without reductions as well.

Barr also explained that such reports are rarely made public and are based on the function of a prosecutor to bring charges or not. Clarifying that it is unusual to even have such a lengthy report when deciding whether or not to prosecute someone for an alleged crime.

While some may find Trump’s brash New York style and in-your-face delivery unpalatable, it doesn’t change the fact that he was right the whole time...

Notwithstanding, Barr is still making the unusual report available to members of Congress with no redaction’s other than that which is protected under the rules of the 6E of the federal code As it pertains to the secret sworn testimony given in a grand jury.

Despite insulting and biased questioning from activist-journalist Paula Reid from CBS News, Attorney General Barr maintained his composure and professionalism. Responding to the legitimate parts of her question and confirming that it was accurate to describe this process as unprecedented since no president had gone through what this president has endured, according to Mueller’s report.

CBS News analyst, Jonathan Turley, former lead counsel for the Department of Justice during the Impeachment of President Bill Clinton, agreed that both the Administration and the Attorney General were being extraordinarily transparent. Adding that an impeachment case is “running out of runway” for take-off given the facts released in today’s report.

This, of course, is consistent with the position the White House has had all along. In true Trump fashion, the President has pushed back in the media, maintaining his innocence throughout, describing this investigation as a witch hunt.

While some may find Trump’s brash New York style and in-your-face delivery unpalatable, it doesn’t change the fact that he was right the whole time. He did not collude with the Russians who attacked his campaign during President Obama’s watch in 2015 and 2016.

It’s unclear at this time what role and potential legal culpability Obama-era officials in the DOJ and intelligence community might have with respect to this case. However, given Barr’s commitment to justice and transparency, the trail of false evidence and politically motivated prosecutions from these Obama-era officials will likely be addressed.

Tying in recent revelations from Congressman Devin Nunes, that criminal referrals will be sent to the DOJ, more investigation of the investigators will likely be afoot.

As uncertainties regarding the surveillance investigation into Trump Tower and his campaign, more details and revelations are expected. Mainly, how could President Obama not have known that the government was spying in a Republican political campaign for president and when did this spring start?

Other key questions surround known FBI human assets that made contact with the Trump campaign and their reasons for doing it. As well as how the American people can expect that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court won't be duped again by a fallacious dossier or tricked into approving warrants to spy on Americans by ”dirty cops and angry Democrats” as Trump puts it.