Beto Brings in the Big Bucks, Says Sorry

Beto O'Rourke launched his apology tour in Des Moines, Iowa, noting that he's benefited from privileges that others may not have because he is a straight white man. That logic presumes that all candidates vying for the 2020 Democrat nomination should step aside if they are white and straight. Right?  Seriously, though, Its a shame that we are even giving any voice to such pathetic commentary — O'Rourke's remorse for being straight, white, and married is spineless.

According to Fox News: "O'Rourke raised a whopping $6.1 million in his first 24 hours as a presidential candidate, while drawing big crowds -- and a herd of reporters -- as he campaigned across Iowa and Wisconsin after launching his 2020 bid." But despite riding a wave of media fanfare, the former three-term congressman from Texas has stumbled out of the gate with a string of apologies and clarifications."

For O'Rourke to win over residents of the lone star state as well as the rest of America he'll need to be more decisive, less focused on white-guilt, and more in touch with everyday Americans. Working families across America rely on two incomes, and his backtracking on comments that were not offensive but actually ring true for many, id further evidence that O'Rourke may need to revisit his messaging strategy in order to resonate with voters in more conservative areas of the country.