Biden and Avenatti both stole "make America America again" phrase

When Biden used the slogan “make America America again” on Tuesday, there was a general outcry that Biden was ripping-off Michael Avenatti’s slogan. In reality, the phrase had been used by another several years before Avenatti started using it.

Speaking at the 2016 Republican National Convention, “Happy Days” actor Scott Baio supported Trump as “a man who knows how to get things done.” Baio concluded his remarks by saying, “So of course, let’s make America great again. But let’s make America America again.”

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So although anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti did repeatedly use that slogan in public remarks over the past year, he did not originate the phrase.

Comically, Avenatti praised the slogan of a Trump-supporter in an attempt to give himself credit for what he believes is a brilliant slogan. Avenatti tweeted on Tuesday, "Since I won't be using it, I’m happy @JoeBiden is using 'Let’s Make America America Again.' Because it's a damn good slogan and message."

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