Biden’s repeated misspeaks provoke questions on his ability to face Trump

The forerunner of Democratic presidential candidates, former vice president Joe Biden, has misspoke a multitude of times at recent campaign events, provoking some members of his party to question his ability to beat Trump.


John McCormick and Jesse Naranjo at the Wall Street Journal reported that “The most recent missteps came on Thursday and Saturday as the 76-year-old Mr. Biden worked through a four-day tour of a state where anything short of a first-place finish could seriously damage his prospects for winning the party’s nomination next year.”


Biden’s gaffes ranged from apparently equating wealth with whiteness, misidentifying the locations of recent shootings, and claiming that “as a vice president” he comforted survivors of the Parkland shooting — an event that occurred when he was out of office.


But Biden is not alone in making mistakes on stage. Last week, President Trump mistakenly said the shooting in Dayton, Ohio, occurred in Toledo. Additionally, Sen. Kamala Harris referred to Biden as “Senator Biden” three times in a July debate, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently told a CNN interviewer that there are “two coequal branches of government.”


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