California’s financial aid policies increases homelessness

Recently released data and officials revealed that California’s homeless population is drastically increasing despite billions of tax-payer dollars being spent to aid the homeless.

The Wall Street Journal reported that according to figures released this week based on a count conducted in January, “Homelessness jumped 12% and 16% from a year ago in the county and city of Los Angeles, respectively.” Moreover, “other localities in California saw substantial increases compared with 2017, when they last conducted a count. In San Francisco, the number rose 17% while Alameda County, which includes Oakland, saw a 43% increase. Homelessness grew 42% in San Jose over the past two years and 31% in Santa Clara County, the heart of Silicon Valley.”

Alejandro Lazo at the Wall Street Journal wrote that “to pay for affordable housing and homelessness programs, the city of Los Angeles raised its property tax 35 cents a square foot in 2016, and the county established a quarter-cent sales tax.” While the state was optimistic after a slight decrease in homelessness, the homelessness numbers have surged with the rising cost of renting or buying a home.

California, now the #1 state for homelessness in the country, has seemingly caused its own issue. In appropriating funds to help the homeless, they have forced more people out of homes.