Capitalism without Rules is Theft

In a televised interview on MSNBC Senator Elizabeth Warren's comments that she "has zero sympathy" for the people caught lying to colleges for admission despite her own misgivings where she lied on college admissions applications to gain preferential treatment as a minority.

According to Breitbart: She added, “Encouraging companies to build their business model on cheating capitalism, that’s not capitalism, that’s not competition in the market place, that’s not producing consumer surplus. So what I believe is capitalism with serious rules, and that means rules where everybody gets a chance to play.”

Conservative radio host Mark Levin opined that Sen. Warren has conned her way through school and is now trying to con the American people by saying that capitalism is married to socialism and that a free market is actually "theft." Our markets have common law rules of torts and contracts to protect those trading. In truth, the government's confiscatory regulations are the real theft.

H/T: Breitbart