China Infiltrates Hollywood


The Chinese threat to America extends beyond military and economic strategies – it infiltrates our culture. One way this is achieved is through immigration and pro-China messaging in Hollywood.

As Victor Davis Hanson from the National Review reports, “China brilliantly plays on the fact that its expatriates are temporarily part of the American ‘other.’ As marginalized peoples, by feigned surrogate empathy with Asian Americans, they can cite grievances against prior racism — at least anytime Chinese students are caught spying or engaging in protests against Chinese dissidents.”

Additionally, China’s subsidization of Hollywood has led to a pro-Chinese bias in today’s popular culture.

“We also see the effects of multipronged Chinese financial, cultural, and political influence in popular culture,” Hanson said. “Hollywood remains in deathly fear of negatively portraying Chinese characters or the Chinese government in particular.”

The threat to America is not merely across the ocean – it is in our neighborhoods and in our headphones, and the American people must be aware of it.

h/t: National Review

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