City of Boston refused to raise Christian flag despite raising other religious flags

The Christian organization Camp Constitution is suing the city of Boston for religious discrimination after their application to raise an interdenominational flag for a ceremony at City Hall was denied — despite officials allowing flags with religious symbols to be flown in the past.

Breck Dumas at Blaze Media reported that “Camp Constitution lost it first lawsuit against the city [in 2017] but has now filed a complaint in federal court with additional evidence. According to Fox News, the new suit claims Boston has flown the Turkish flag — which has Islamic symbolism — several times, as well as the Vatican flag.”

Dumas added that several political organizations have been granted the right to fly their flag at Boston’s city hall as well: “The Communist Chinese flag, transgender, and LGBTQ flags were celebrated among the 284 previously permitted flag raisings,” he reported.

According to the lawsuit, Camp Constitution's proposed flag raising was denied “because it was 'religious’”.

"There can be no dispute that the City's denial impermissibly discriminated between religion and non-religion, and discriminated between religious sects,” the suit continued. “Both violate the Establishment Clause."

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H/T: The Blaze