Conservative Latina Could Become the Youngest Woman Ever Elected to Congress

Catalina Lauf, a young Latina from Woodstock, Illinois, has recently announced her campaign against Democrat Rep. Lauren Underwood in the Midwestern state’s 14th Congressional District. A former Trump administration advisor, Lauf is just twenty-six years old. If elected, she would take the title Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez currently holds as the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. In an interview with the Daily Wire, Lauf expanded upon her motivation for running, her personal values, and her hopes for the nation’s future.

Describing herself as “someone who is driven by purpose,” Lauf expressed her love for America as the number one reason why she’s choosing to run for Congress. In Lauf’s opinion, those on the far left have used their platforms to dismantle everything America has to offer its citizens, especially the American Dream. Lauf is disappointed with current politics, calling the rhetoric put forth by the far-left “destructive to our democracy.” This rhetoric includes the recent accusations of racism launched against President Trump in light of his immigration policies, which Lauf doesn’t believe are racist at all. A daughter of a legal Guatemalan immigrant, Lauf applauds those like her mother who came to the United States legally. Like Trump, Lauf seeks to fix the loopholes in America’s immigration system and secure the nation’s borders. Offering to work with Democrats to find solutions to security issues which will benefit everyone, Lauf regrets the fact that democrats like Underwood don’t seem to be looking for solutions – instead, they prefer to foment “division and hate” in this country.

Lauf believes republicans and conservatives have a real chance to win votes in the Hispanic community by emphasizing the value of hard work and entrepreneurship, both of which matter greatly to most Hispanic Americans including Lauf’s own family. Additionally, Lauf thinks that young people who usually lean left should realize that it’s conservatives, not liberals, who have the future and their best interests in mind. Although liberals might wear a progressive label, their socialist policies limit opportunities for all Americans, especially the young.

Finally, Lauf told the Daily Wire of her hope to re-establish public faith in elected officials. “We need patriots in Congress,” she said in reference to the Founders’ idea that Congress is best suited for everyday Americans who care about their fellow citizens more than they care about getting re-elected. If elected, Lauf intends to be exactly that kind of congresswoman. In her opinion, it’s the least she can do for the country which has done so much for her and her family.

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H/T: The Daily Wire