CBP said traveler, license plates information compromised in cyberattack

USA Today reported Monday night that Customs and Border Protection said “photos of travelers and license plates collected at one U.S. border point have been exposed in a malicious cyberattack in what a leading congressman called a ‘major privacy breach.’”

According to Frank Bajak of USA Today, the agency did not release the name of the subcontractor whose computer was hacked, but said it learned of the data breach May 31. “It said the subcontractor had transferred copies of the images to its company network in violation of government policies and without the agency’s authorization,” Bajak wrote.

This is the second major privacy breach at the DHS this year, as Homeland Security Department’s inspector general announced in March that the Federal Emergency Management Agency had wrongly released the personal information of 2.3 million 2017 hurricane and wildfire survivors to a contractor.

h/t: usatoday.com


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