Cuban Professor : Capitalism As A Mindset For Today’s Youth

This commentary from Dr. Jose Azel, who left communist Cuba at 13 years old for a better life in the United States, articulates capitalism as a way of thinking in addition to viewing it esoterically as a system of free market economics.

According to Azel, “When a socialist sees a luxurious expensive home, the reaction may be one of disgust - “No-one should be allowed to live like that,” or perhaps one of envy - “If I cannot live like that, no-one should live like that.” In contrast, someone with a capitalist attitude might instead think - “Everyone should have the opportunity to work towards buying a house like that.”

Azel delves deeper into why young people in particular embrace socialism and their lack of understanding of capitalism. His commentary goes beyond the indoctrination of colleges and universities but into how these ideas are communicated at that level and others.

The full article can be found here