De Blasio joins far-left crowd in 2020

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday morning that he will join the 22 other Democrat candidates running for Presidential office in 2020. Fox News reporter Paulina Dedaj wrote that de Blasio “took aim at Trump,” and will be running on the platform “working people first.”

Dedaj also cited Republican National Committee Communications Director Michael Ahrens, who said the mayor's extreme leftist agenda matches those of his Democrat opponents.

"Bill de Blasio is a liberal extremist who wants the government to control everything from your health care to what you eat," Ahrens said in a statement. "Americans can rest assured that he won't win, but unfortunately his socialist policies fit right in with the rest of his comrades in the race."

In his announcement, de Blasio spoke of his experience as the New York City mayor to display competence. However, Dedaj reports that New York City locals have shown little enthusiasm for his campaign, for “a recent Quinnipiac University poll found 76 percent of New York City voters said they believed de Blasio shouldn’t run and gave the mayor ‘an anemic 42-44 percent job approval rating.’”


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