Democrats focus on climate change as they head into New Hampshire primary

If Democrats want to win over the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire, they will have to satisfy the voters’ desire for climate change — which residents say is affecting their economy.

“Tourism is the Granite State’s second-largest industry and accounts for a large portion of the state’s economy,” Allie Raffa at Fox News wrote. “The ski industry alone contributes on average about half a billion dollars a year to the state.”

“Ski resorts have experienced environmental changes like higher temperatures and shorter ski seasons, forcing them to use snow guns to keep skiers mobile on the slopes with an artificial product and potentially harming industries that profit off of winter activities,” Raffa continued. “They have also started offering summer activities like obstacle courses and ziplining to mitigate economic losses across the ski industry during slow winter seasons.”

Democratic candidates seem aware that the topic will play a large role in the primary in New Hampshire, and have made a point to focus on the subject in their rallies — some going as far as suggesting that the Democratic National Committee held a debate dedicated exclusively to climate change.

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H/T: Fox News