Dem’s Afraid Their Corruption Will Be Exposed, Demand Barr Cancel Presser

Given the culture of leaking that permeates our nation’s Capitol, it’s no surprise that Democrats are making eleventh-hour demands that Attorney General Barr cancels his Thursday morning press conference to release Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Despite all the pleading and partisan political posturing to release the report, Democrats are now clamoring for a cancellation.

Per The Washington Times, “The Democrats committee chairmen say Barr should let the report speak for itself, without him trying to shape it or to answer questions about his decision-making.”

Realistically, members of Congress don’t run the executive branch, let alone the country’s top law enforcer leading the Department of Justice.

This pathetic plead from the Democrats is not because they are afraid Americans cannot form their own opinions on the report — it is because they are afraid that ‘We The People’ will be exposed to their sordid misdeeds, spying on and sabotaging the Trump campaign.