GOP plan to regulate surveillance tech, AOC shocked that she agrees

Both Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and House Republicans agree on legislation to regulate facial-recognition software. For once, AOC had common sense, and apparently it shocked her. AOC tweeted, “check the sky for flying [pigs] bc Rep. Meadows, much of the Freedom Caucus & I are in agreement on preventing total surveillance of Americans without their knowledge. Whether it’s Amazon or Gov, no one should be tracked w/o consent or a warrant.”

It is just good judgement to recognize what both sides of lawmakers argued — that the facial recognition technology threatens American’s civil liberties.

“We’ve never seen anything like this technology before," said ACLU senior legislative counsel Neema Singh Guliani during her testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. "The U.S. reportedly has over 50 million surveillance cameras. This, combined with face recognition threatens, to create a near-constant surveillance state."

Fox News reporter Danielle Wallace wrote that “both law enforcement agencies and private companies have been using the technology to identify people’s faces in public and private settings.” Amazon’s “Rekognition” software has been “aggressively marketed to law enforcement groups, including the FBI and the Orlando Police Department.”

The questions Americans should now ask are: what restrictive measures would the legislation entail? Where will the facial information reside under this proposed legislation? If government had control over facial recognition technology, our liberty could still be threatened.



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