Hannity: media did not cover Mueller’s clarification

Fox News’ Sean Hannity critiqued the media for not reporting on the “clarifying remarks” that the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller released after his news conference Wednesday. While the media had a field day with the contents of Mueller’s speech, they did not bother to clarify the later corrections to the speech that his office had to release.

As Fox News reporter Victor Garcia wrote, the clarifying remarks “addressed Mueller's comments that indicting President Trump was ‘not an option,’ which many in the media concluded was due to a policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted, even though Mueller did not directly say that.”

Hannity believed Mueller contradicted himself in his speech, and he criticized the media for not addressing the matter objectively. Moreover, Hannity cited a report by Vanity Fair that the New York Times has been steering its reporters and editors away from MSNBC and CNN appearances as they realize they've “been duped by the conspiracy TV media mob.”

h/t: Foxnews.com

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