Here’s Where the Top Democratic Candidates Stand on Abortion

As a growing number of states move to pass legislation pushing the limits of Roe vs. Wade, abortion has become a hot topic in the political sphere. This increase in pro-life legislation in red states, coupled with the radical left’s growing opposition towards any kinds of limits on abortion whatsoever, has confirmed that abortion will be an important issue in the 2020 elections, especially among moderates.

Those who are staunchly pro-life or pro-choice are unlikely to have their minds changed, but for the majority of Americans who fall in the middle of the spectrum, the upcoming elections might force them to make a decision one way or another.

President Donald Trump has run a very pro-life administration. Any incoming democratic president would certainly try to reverse his policies. Just a few years ago it wasn’t the case that nearly all republicans voted pro-life while democrats voted pro-choice; however, increases in polarization have led the parties to split down the middle on a variety of issues including abortion. The top Democratic candidates for president hold few surprises: they are all pro-choice – most of them extremely so.

Ironically, the Democratic Party’s leading candidate is perhaps the most pro-life of the bunch. Although Senator Joe Biden has recently stated his opposition to the Hyde Amendment, historically he has flip-flopped on the issue of whether or not taxpayers should fund abortion.

Furthermore, throughout his political career, Biden has voted in favor of limits on abortion, evening vocalizing his disapproval of the action. However, his most recent (and most relevant) statements and proposed policies suggest that if he makes it to the Oval Office, he will, in fact, run a highly pro-choice administration.

Elizabeth Warren trails behind Biden in polls, but her progressive outlook on abortion sn far ahead of him. Like most Democrats, she has been highly critical of the Trump Administration’s pro-life policies and calls for practically no legal restrictions on abortion. She has pushed for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment and favors enshrining Roe vs. Wade to end the states’ ability to place their limitations on abortion. Decrying a proposed 20-week ban on abortion as “dangerous and cruel,” Warren has made her aggressively pro-choice platform apparent.

Bernie Sanders is just behind Warren in the polls and on par with her regarding abortion. Although Sanders, like most pro-abortion candidates, has not clarified exactly when (if ever) abortion ought to be prohibited, he has repeatedly emphasized the importance of keeping the decision of whether or not to abort between the mother, her family, and her physician. A staunch supporter of Roe vs. Wade, Sanders opposes any legislation which would limit or ban a woman’s ability to procure an abortion.

The top three democratic candidates certainly represent the radical left, but they do not necessarily represent all Democratic voters. Most Americans, including democrats, favor some kind of limit on abortion. The Democratic Party’s extreme stance on abortion is just that – extreme – and if treated as such it could very well make the difference between which party takes control of both the Capitol and the White House.


Ruth Moreno is a contributor to