Hispanic Voters Choose Capitalism Over Socialism in Straw Poll at Town Hall

Over 90% of participants at a recent Facebook Live Town Hall event “Latinos For Liberty: What Really Matters to Hispanic Voters For 2020”  event chose capitalism over socialism in a non-scientific straw poll.

The event presented by 77WABC Radio was hosted by Rich Valdés as part of his “This Is America” podcast series. Participants responded to the following question:

“What's best for America's economy; capitalism or socialism?”

According to NTD News, “CNN is reporting that the latest poll on President Trump’s approval ratings, for his handling of the economy, is at an all-time high of 56%,” said Valdes. “They don’t agree with him on everything else, but it goes to show that the issue of the economy, people do vote their pocketbook.”

While the poll question and results are just a small sampling of more than a dozen event participants, it was informative nonetheless. Hispanics voters from the New York metropolitan area overwhelmingly prefer capitalism to socialism. They prefer to work or be entrepreneurial than relying on the government; a common misconception in today’s heated rhetoric.

Many shook their heads in disbelief upon learning more about freshman US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s sabotage of the Amazon Headquarters deal which cost the Queens, NY community as many as 25,0000 jobs.

Another key takeaway from the event was the commitment that Hispanic Americans have to live in safe communities. This was noted by several Latino members of  The Guardian Angels safety patrol group from Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, NY who were critical of AOC for her call to abolish Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Culturally-speaking, most Americans of Hispanic descent are very conservative due to their strong Catholic and Protestant Christian faith traditions. It’s also not uncommon for Hispanics to navigate toward small business ownership as this is a primary source of income in many Latin American and Hispanic countries.

In sum, Latinos with heritage from socialist nations like Venezuela and Cuba are usually the toughest critics of socialism rejecting it because they have personally lived through it.