Hispanic Voters Gather in NYC for Latino Townhall

On Friday, May 3, Rich Valdes hosted a special town hall edition of “This is America" podcast, live from 77WABC's Stage 17 in NYC. “Latinos For Liberty: What Really Matters to Hispanic Voters for 2020.” The room was filled with mostly Hispanic Americans who wanted to weigh in on their concerns or hopes for the 2020 election.

Chairman Jose Arango joined to discuss the great state of the Trump economy. Along with Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sabotaging 25,000 Amazon jobs because of politics.

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Benjamin Garcia of the Guardian Angels also joined to talk about his experience with MS-13 and illegal immigration in NY.

Later, a conversation with President Trump’s Pollster, John McLaughlin, on the uniqueness of the Hispanic electorate.

You can watch the special town hall, in its entirety, below: