Hispanics thriving in Trump-era economy

While Democrats downplay the economic success of the Trump administration and claim that the success has overlooked Hispanics, The Hill contributor Alfredo Ortiz laid out the facts: Hispanics are actually flourishing in the Trump economy.

“Democrats asserting the contrary is a mere partisan talking point to try to deny Trump the Hispanic support he has earned and which may decide the presidential election outcome next year,” Ortiz wrote.

Some examples Ortiz used include: Hispanic unemployment rate “fell to a record low” of 4.2 percent, and Hispanic labor force participation has “increased under Trump after falling throughout the two terms of President Obama.” Additionally, Hispanic household income is “the highest it has ever been in the United States and growing about twice as fast as the national average.”

Democrats will not be able to ignore the facts for much longer, because Hispanics are the largest minority voting bloc for the presidential elections next year, and their success during Trump’s administration will most likely lead to their support for a reelection.

h/t: TheHill.com


Rachel Kookogey is a contributor to TheRichValdes.com
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