Hong Kong airport security increases due to protests

Authorities increased airport security on Wednesday to keep protesters in Hong Kong from entering. Preetika Rana at the Wall Street Journal reported that “Hong Kong’s airport authority deployed dozens of security staff and local police along entryways and outside the Airport Express train that runs between the city and the terminals. Only people who produced tickets or evidence of bookings to fly within the next 24 hours were allowed to proceed to check-in counters.”

A small group of masked, black-clad peaceful protesters remained inside the airport, greeting people with banners “calling for greater freedom from China’s central government and depicting alleged police brutality during the protests that have rocked the city this summer” Rana wrote.

Some travelers said that their hearts were with the protesters despite the inconvenience. “Democracy is under threat in so many places around the world, and that’s a very dangerous thing,” said Douglas Mountford, a retired biochemist from New Zealand who was supposed to fly to Prague via Hong Kong on Monday. “I’m glad the Hong Kong people are speaking up.”

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H/T: Wall St Journal