House Dems Rebuke Pelosi, Vow to ‘Move Forward’ on Impeaching Trump

Democratic members of the House of Representatives are poised to publicly rebuke Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the coming days; vowing to “move forward” on their plan to impeach President Trump.

“I’m going to move forward, obviously,” said Rep. Rashida Tlaib during a closed-door meeting with fellow Democrats Tuesday. “Speaker Pelosi and all members of leadership have always encouraged us to represent our districts and this was something that was very important to my residents and continues to be.”

“By calling for impeachment, by talking about impeachment, we were able to limit what this president would do,” added Rep. Brad Sherman.

Nancy Pelosi stunned liberal lawmakers this week when she announced her opposition to removing the President from office; saying Trump “isn’t worth” the political fallout heading into the 2020 national election.

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