House stops Trump impeachment resolution

The House stopped an attempt Wednesday to impeach President Trump over his tweets that the chamber deemed to be racist.

Democrats split over the move, with “95 signaling their support for at least considering the question further, and 137 moving to stop the current effort in its tracks,” the New York Times reported.

The House Democrats seem to be caught up fighting with each other about President Trump’s actions instead of working on any policy. The first two days of the week, the Democrats spent all their time in a feud with Trump about the aforementioned tweets.

“I wonder, when I watch people campaign and they talk about what they want to achieve here, how many said they wanted to have a week of contempt, of impeach and resolution all after one entity, the president of the United States?” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California and the minority leader. “I didn’t have anybody on either side of the aisle ever ask me that question.”

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H/T: NY Times