North Korea accuses Pompeo of sophistry, threatens U.S.

Sec. Pompeo, courtesy: DoD
U.S. News reported Thursday that North Korea has issued new threats to the U.S. as it blasted recent statements from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


Paul D. Shinkman, the Senior National Security Writer at U.S. News, wrote that “a statement from North Korea's foreign ministry said the U.S. ‘viciously slandered’ the country, citing the recent release of State Department reports about human trafficking and religious freedom that rank North Korea poorly, and Pompeo's comments on Sunday reiterating that 80 percent of North Korea's economy remains under U.S. sanctions.”


In an attempt to stifle the unflattering facts, North Korea accused Pompeo of “sophistry” and said his comments were “full of falsehoods and fabrications.” Pompeo responded that the North Koreans don't get to decide the composition of the U.S. delegation.


Shinkman reminded his readers that this “latest rhetoric” comes at a “low point in diplomatic relations” between the two nations as both of the summits that the Trump administration organized this year have ended abruptly. Neither secured any real progress toward denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula in exchange for easing U.S. sanctions either. “Each side insists the other must act first,” Shinkman wrote.


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