Leftists outraged by black Trump supporter

CNN viewers were outraged Wednesday when an African American man expressed his support for Donald Trump on the station.

Kevin Martin of Pennsylvania told CNN’s Van Jones that he voted for Trump in 2016 and that, despite a few reservations, he plans to vote for the president again in 2020.

Before the rest of Martin’s statement was edited out by the news outlet, he said, “all this, kind of this, far-left talk is kind of scaring me, when it comes to the border," he said.

Martin also explained that while the rhetoric coming from the white house “is concerning,” he appreciates the “great economic boom” of the Trump administration.

"Look, I mean, I was raised in a conservative family, and I'm in business, I'm a business consultant, and business is great. And I don't want to lose that," Martin explained.

CNN viewers, however, were outraged that Martin would support Trump for the business reasons, and took to social media to publicly ridicule him — many going as so far to say Martin needed “to be re-educated,” Blaze Media reported.

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H/T: The Blaze