Levin’s ‘Unfreedom Of Press’ is No. 1 on Amazon before and after release

Unfreedom of The Press, the most recent book from author and radio host Mark Levin, was the number one bestselling book on Amazon one day ahead of its release, and remains in that spot three days later. Levin’s book has surpassed works by renowned figures such as Howard Stern and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

According to PolitiWeek editor Rich Valdes, “Levin cites the origin and purpose of our press to critically analyze the modern media while drawing attention to the distinction between the journalism of the 20th century versus the political party press of the 19th Century. His presentation of the facts is both authoritative and historically accurate.”

Levin’s book exposes the shift in modern media from reporting the facts to imposing values. As Valdes wrote, Levin demonstrates how activist journalists push left-wing ideology “so often that it seems moderate,” and are thus “manipulating the masses.”

As evidence by the book’s marketplace success, many Americans still seek to resist this groupthink.


h/t: PolitiWeek.com


Rachel Kookogey is a contributor to TheRichValdes.com
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