Mexicans now fear visiting El Paso after the shooting

After the shooting in El Paso, Texas over the weekend, Mexico’s foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, spoke at his country’s consulate in EL Paso on Monday. Ebrard decried the massacre as a terrorist act against his citizens, for eight Mexican citizens were killed and six more are in the hospital wounded.

“Mexico is definitely going to participate in this process, in the investigation and after in the trial,” Mr. Ebrard said. The Wallstreet Journal reported that he also said “he agreed with comments by President Trump Monday that racism and white supremacy are serious problems that fueled the massacre.”

As the Wall Street Journal reporter noted, “Mr. Ebrard’s quick visit underscores the close economic and cultural relationship between El Paso and Mexico. Many of the Mexicans killed at the Walmart Saturday were visiting the U.S. to shop, a common day trip that is an important component of the economy in the city of 840,000 where bilingual commerce is the norm.”

Tens of thousands of people daily cross the border for common activities such as school, work, and shopping. If Mexicans are too scared to do so in the future, the El Paso economy could be seriously crippled.

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H/T: Wall St Journal