Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher found NOT GUILTY of murdering ISIS fighter

Edward 'Eddie' Gallagher was acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges on Tuesday in a military court on Naval Base San Diego. Gallagher was declared “not guilty” after one of the young SEALs, who had been expected to testify in favor of the prosecution, stunned the courtroom by taking responsibility for the murder of the young ISIS prisoner.

Jennifer Smith and Michelle Curran at reported that “it blindsided prosecutors who have now threatened the SEAL with perjury charges. He had been granted immunity for any war crimes in exchange for his testimony.”

Smith and Curran also wrote that defense attorney Tim Parlatore “began his closing argument the same way he started the trial.”

'This is case is not about murder, it's about mutiny,' Parlatore said.

According to Smith and Curran, Parlatore “added that there were 'gaping holes' in the testimony and said Gallagher was the target of a 'fixation' of military prosecutors.”

'They started with a conclusion ... [and] ... ignored everything that didn't fit,' Parlatore said.

Gallagher was still convicted of posing with the corpse, but he was able to go home Tuesday since the maximum sentence for posing with a corpse is four months, and he spent longer than that in confinement awaiting trial before being freed by President Trump.

'We have a sentencing to do, but the maximum sentence of what they're about to sentence him on is much less than the time that they've already had him in the brig,' Parlatore said after Tuesday's verdict. 'So he is going home.'

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