New Yorkers oppose granting licenses to illegal immigrants

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the majority of New York voters oppose granting drivers licenses to unauthorized immigrants, according to a recent poll.

Jimmy Vielkind at the Wall Street Journal wrote that “a Siena College Research Institute survey found 53% of the 812 New York voters surveyed opposed the driver’s license measure, compared with 41% who support it. Supporters and opponents are virtually tied in New York City, but a majority of voters in the city’s suburbs and upstate areas said they were opposed.”

The bill is one of several measures that Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to pass in the next two weeks before the Legislature adjourns for the summer. Other bills include repealing religious exemptions from vaccination requirements and legalizing recreational marijuana, both of which received majority support.

While the Democrats who dominate the State assembly support the bill, opponents said that “granting licenses to people in the country without legal authorization reduces the incentive to follow immigration laws.”



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