Newsmax: Valdes dishes on AOC's All-Out-Crazy F-Bomb Tweet

John Tabacco of Newsmax’s Liquid Lunch hosted Rich Valdes on Friday to discuss the expletive-ridden Twitter response of Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez’s spokesperson after AOC ran away from Valdes at the Puerto Rican Day parade.

On Tabacco’s show, Valdes said that when the congresswoman’s team finally decided to acknowledge him, “they did so with a Tweet using the f-bomb,” which Valdes “thought was poor taste.”

Although the tweet was later deleted due to the written-out expletive that Tabacco called a “minor-league move,” Valdes said the “intellectually inferior” part of the tweet was “the understanding that someone has to be ‘entitled’ to speak to a member of Congress.”

While on the show, Valdes also discussed the possibility of moving from New Jersey to New York City to run against AOC.

“I am considering doing that because I see the challenges that her policies present. If she wasn’t so radical with her policies, or if they better matched up with the people, this wouldn’t even be a consideration.”



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