North Korea defies Trump, launches two short-range missiles

In a “show of defiance” to President Trump, KIM Jong-un test-launched two short-range missiles Wednesday night. This is the first missile test reported since Trump and the North Korea leader met in June and Kim committed to "complete denuclearization of Korean Peninsula".

Despite the pledge, North Korea has not stopped its nuclear activities, and now says it will only cease its weapons program if the US agrees to remove stiff economic sanctions on the country.

North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui threatened: "Changing paths is not a privilege that only the United States has - but it could be our own choice if we make up our mind."

According to Jon Lockett at The Sun, the Pentagon believes North Korea has around 13 to 21 missiles, at least four nuclear warheads, and “200 missile launchers across the country, which can be used to fire short and medium-range rockets. The most likely target of such a missile launch would be South Korea, Japan, Australia and possibly US territories in the Pacific Ocean.”

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H/T: The Sun