Over 3,000 non-violent offenders rejoin their families via Trumps prison reform

More than 3,000 people were released from prisons and halfway houses in the U.S. Friday. This was done according to the First Step Act, which President signed into law last year.


The largest group of released inmates are drug offenders, so the new law is designed to help inmates “transition back into society” Mola Lenghi at CBS News reported.


Lenghi wrote that the new law “aims to address racial disparities in the system and give judges more discretion in sentencing. Still, advocates stress inmates need more resources to help them transition back into society.”


The non-violent drug offender Norah Yahya, who just served a second sentence due to a relapse, said she "just fell right back into the same stream of choices.”


“I wanted to be released, but I had no preparations upon release," Yahya said.


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H/T: CBS News