POLL: 87% of Voters in AOC’s District Would Not Vote For Her Again

According to new poll results published in the Washington Examiner on Monday, congresswoman AOC is more vulnerable in her own district than she is on the national stage.

The latest Democrat darling of the media does well with national figures but when it comes to the actual voters in New York’s 14th Congressional district there is dissatisfaction. Here are the key findings of the poll conducted by a political action committee opposing her policies in the district:

42% are unfamiliar with AOC.
51% have an unfavorable view of her.
33% are ready to vote against her, and only 13% would vote for her.

Critics like conservative talk radio producer Rich Valdes, who hosts the “This is America” podcast has repeatedly said that the district is made of much more voters than millennials, and that constituent services can’t be offered in absentia or by Twitter for the abuela’s (Spanish for grandma’s) that need help with their Social Security checks.

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