POLL: Biden Dominates Bernie, 2020 Democrats

Fox News reported Friday morning that former Vice President Joe Biden is dominating his Democrat competitors due the attention he has received in the media.

The latest Fox News poll showed that “Biden is a clear frontrunner among the Democratic crop of presidential candidates. Among Democratic primary voters, Biden’s 35 percent (up from 31 percent in March) leaves Bernie Sanders in a distant second place with 17 percent (down from 23 percent).”

The Hill reporter Joe Concha told “Fox and Friends” that Biden’s dominance is largely a result of Biden receiving “more [media attention] than every other candidate combined.”

However, Concha also noted that it is still very early in the primary, and Biden “hasn’t done any tough interviews” for the most part. Things could change significantly before the primary, as President Trump was not even on the ballot yet in June 2015.

Rachel Kookogey is a contributor to TheRichValdes.com
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