Poll: Tulsi Gabbard wins first Democratic debate

A Drudge Report poll declared Tulsi Gabbard was the winner of the first Democratic debate as nearly 40 percent of the 70,000+ survey takers chose the 38-year-old congresswoman from Hawaii. The second place winner, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, only got 12.26 percent of the vote.

Gabbard is a Hindu woman who was born in American Samoa and fought in the Iraq War. Ariel Zilber at DailyMail.com reported that a “key plank” of the congresswoman’s campaign is to remove American soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq.

During Wednesday’s debate, Gabbard got into a heated debate with Congressman Tim Ryan about Afghanistan and corrected his erroneous statement that the Taliban caused 9/11 — it was Al-Qaeda.

According to Zilber, Gabbard’s foreign policy views “were reported to have endeared her somewhat to Donald Trump, who briefly considered her for a post in the administration.”

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H/T: Daily Mail