POTUS: If No Deal "Border’s Going To Be Closed. 100 Percent"

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump reiterated his seriousness to close the border while leaving open the opportunity to negotiate stricter laws with Congress. In typical Trump shrewdness, the President avoided signaling what the trigger would be for a complete border shut-down but maintained resolute in his decision to do so, nonetheless.

"If we don’t make a deal with Congress, the border’s going to be closed. 100 percent,” Trump said.

This strategy is not a new one for the president and one that he has a clear track record on.  Trump used this tactic when negotiating that NATO member states pay their fair share and it worked.  He also implements this negotiating strategy to correct trade imbalances by imposing tariffs on countries who treat the U.S. unfairly in their trade dealings.

"If we don’t make a deal with Congress, the border’s going to be closed. 100 percent...”

Indeed, China is the largest example of this with the impact being so severe that some critics actually describe it as a trade war. China has been grossly unfair to America on trade and Trump is using them strategically to hit Beijing in the pocketbook.

Another shining of example of presidential determination was made clear in Trump's promise to build a border barrier and standing strong in the face of a partial government shutdown.

The Hill reported that Larry Kudlow, Director of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, was taking steps to study the impact of a complete border closure and how to minimize its impact.  Critics claim the U.S. stands to lose 1 billion dollars per day as a result of lost commerce.

NATO, China, federal workers, and others are all too familiar with the wrath of Trump's tariffs, and his adamant position on national security.  Although Democrats and the Mexican Government should be guided accordingly.