President Trump is Not a Madman says Washington Post Columnist

As President Trump increases sanctions on Iran and tariffs on Chinese exports, many have been quick to question whether Trump has a strategy or if he’s just a reckless leader.

Henry Olsen from the Washington Post points out the similar criticism President Ronald Reagan faced and lays out the strong foreign policy record President Trump has already built.

“The scorecard looks pretty good 2½ years into the Trump administration,” Olsen writes. “Iran is hurting economically and on the defensive. China faces serious U.S. pushback for the first time in decades, especially through Trump’s tariffs. Throughout the world, the United States is setting the agenda again for the first time in many years.”

“Maybe madman Trump is just in hiding, waiting for a propitious moment to emerge and muck everything up. Or maybe, just maybe, he and his team know what they’re doing,” Olsen says.

Source: Washington Post

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