President Trump's National Emergency Is Constitutional

Twelve Republican Senators and fourteen Republican Members of the House voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi to block President Trump today. They do not have enough votes to stop override the president's veto power, but irrespective of the facts, the media is having a field day with this "defection."

According to PolitiWeek:  "President Trump warned Senate Republicans against voting with Nancy Pelosi, saying a vote for her is a vote for crime and open borders.   “But the Democrats, in order to make things difficult, they are for open borders and they are for crime…the Republicans aren’t,” he stated. ” I also think it’s bad for a Democrat senator to vote against border security and to vote against the wall — I think if they vote that way it’s a very bad thing for them long into the future.” "

Former Department of Justice (DOJ) Chief of Staff, Mark Levin, has also reiterated that the president has every right to use his constitutional authority as head of the executive branch to utilize congressionally-authorized statutes to declare a national emergency. Trump intends to fulfill his duties as president and use already appropriated funds from the military budget to have them build the border barrier. However, Congress is voting against him to block the use of his rightful statutory authority and constitutional mandate to protect our nation.