Private border wall builders ordered to keep gate open

The Washington Times reported Tuesday that the builders of a private wall have been instructed by an international agency to permanently keep a gate open.

A spokeswoman for the International Boundary and Water Commission, Lori Kuczmanski, reportedly said that part of the We Build the Wall barrier was on federal land without proper advance permission and cut off access to a levee and a dam.

Brian Kolfage, president and founder of We Build the Wall, accused the panel of legal overreach and of complicity in an illegal-immigrant invasion of the U.S.

“The IBWC commissioner @harkjay350 has a bad habit of leaving gates open on our border.last week she left open this gate! largest invasion on record 1000 crossed at once! She just locked our gate wide open for illegals to invade America!” he wrote on Twitter.

“The IBWC is a fine example of over reach and growing to big,” he continued. “They are over stepping DHS, national security experts and undermining @realDonaldTrump as soon as they locked our gate open we noticed many other gates around el Paso just opened up!! They are planning for mass invasion.”



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