Puerto Ricans want Rossello’s successor to resign too

In barely any time after Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rossello submitted his resignation Thursday, the political upheaval and protests resumed — now targeted at Rossello’s successor, Secretary of Justice Wanda Vazquez.

According to Valarie Richardson at The Washington Times, the hashtag #WandaRenuncia, or “Wanda Resign,” began trending on social media “shortly after the governor’s resignation, as activists “vowed to keep protesting if she assumed power.”

“Wanda Vazquez is very unpopular and lacks legitimacy,” said Carlos A. Suarez Carrasquillo, a lecturer at the University of Florida.

Ms. Vazquez is currently the only option for Rossello’s successor, but she does not have to be. As Richardson wrote, “The constitution calls for the secretary of state to succeed the governor, but that post has been vacant since the resignation of Luis Rivera Marin in a development related to the same texting scandal that has brought an end to the Rossello term. If the secretary of state’s office was filled before Mr. Rossello officially steps down next week, then the next governor would be in place.”

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H/T: Washington Times