Puerto Rico Governor resigns, appoints Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez

On Wednesday Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló (Ro-say-yo) announced that he will resign Aug. 2, becoming the first chief executive to resign in the modern history of Puerto Rico. This decision comes after two weeks of protests and impeachment threats that resulted from the leak of crude and insulting chat messages between the governor and his top advisers.

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Additionally, Dánica Coto at the Washington Times reported that “a shaken-looking Rosselló” said his only priority had been “the transformation of [their] island and the well-being of [their] people.” Rosselló’s address “listed his accomplishments before making clear he was resigning.”

Addressing the protests, Rosselló said, “The demands have been overwhelming and I’ve received them with highest degree of humility.”

Under Puerto Rico’s constitution, the secretary of state would normally assume the governorship, but since Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marín resigned during the uproar over the leak, the leadership of the island falls to Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez.

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H/T: The Washington Times