Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Unwittingly Supports Conservative Ideas

At a town hall meeting on Saturday—which was more like a rally to trash charter schools and standardized tests, than a legitimate town hall meeting—much was revealed about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's true beliefs on public education.  Despite  Rep. AOC's efforts to echo the positions of the one-sided panel to abolish standardized tests, to eliminate charter-operated public schools, and calling for bi-lingual education.

As noted in a recent episode of the "This Is America" podcast series: AOC used personal stories to unknowingly make the case in support of school choice, in support charter schools, and in support of high-stakes tests. Citing her parents as entrepreneurs that chose to sacrifice their Bronx community so that she could benefit from a better performing school district in Yorktown Heights, Winchester County, NY.

According to PolitiWeek: a Gallup Poll released on Friday showed 41% of American adults now have an unfavorable opinion of Ocasio-Cortez, just two months into her first term. That’s up from 26% last September, in the wake of her primary win over longtime Representative Joe Crowley. Support for Ocasio-Cortez largely breaks down along party lines, with 56% of Democrats backing the freshman Rep., compared to just 5% of Republicans.