Republicans doubling Democrats in fundraising through small donors

In just the month of April, the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised $15.9 million — more than double the money raised by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the same month. According to Fox News reporter Lukas Mikelionis,

the DNC raised only $6.6 million in the month of April to have a total of $7.6 million on hand, while the RNC now has “a massive war chest totaling $34.7 million at the end of the month.”

Additionally, the majority of donors are not donating large sums of money, but have given only up to $200 each. Mikelionis wrote that “nearly $9 million in donations came from such donors, while just over $4 million were from large donors.”

Meanwhile, the relationship between small and big donations to the DNC to is almost equal, with big donors contributing to a slightly larger total. The ration was $3,084,136 to $3,065,795 from big and small donations, respectively.

Mikelionis noted that “the small donations difference is particularly upsetting to the DNC as the party long had a competitive edge due to the massive fundraising tool ActBlue, while Republicans, who don’t such comparable technology, have been worried in the past about not connecting with the grassroots donors.” Apparently the RNC does not have problems connecting with the American people this time.



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