Rich Valdes talks AOC policies on Newsmaxs' Joe Pag’s show

“This Is America” podcast host Rich Valdes discussed the many facets of his desire to run against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Newsmax’s Joe Pags show Friday.

First off, Rich Valdes said that Ocasio-Cortez “hasn’t done anything for the Hispanics.” While over half the districts is Hispanic, AOC’s initial policies ignore them.

Besides Hispanics, Valdes said there are a lot of middle-class families in AOC’s district “just looking to live their life healthy and happy and safe” who the congresswoman ignores.

“They’re ignored because she’s fighting for the environment and they’re looking for jobs.”
In particular, Valdes testified that some man-on-the-street interviews with her constituents showed that they are in need of jobs and unhappy with Ocasio-Cortez’s decision about how she handled the Amazon deal.

As Pags noted, there is a disconnect between what the congresswoman said about Amazon and reality. The company would have brought New York city about 25,000 well-paying jobs by setting up a secondary headquarters in the area, but AOC cut them off because she believed the ensuing tax break would be handing the company free money.

“Bringing money and bringing industry [to the district] should be of paramount importance, not something you chase away,” Valdes said.

The two also discussed AOC’s insulting lack of knowledge about the holocaust when she called illegal immigrant detention centers “concentration camps.”

As Valdes pointed out, the main difference between the detention centers and concentration camps is that immigrants chose to come to America illegally, and they chose to stay in a detention center until their adjudication rather than leaving via deportation. Those slaughtered in concentration camps never had the option to come or go.

Moreover, while the detention centers for the adults — which were built during the Obama administration — are not ideal, they are to contain those who broke the law until the government decides if they can stay or not. But the children, Pags said, “are treated like gold.”

Pags said the children’s detention centers are “recreational centers. They’ve got soccer fields and internet and three square meals a day. We are actually paying to tutor them to make sure they get a good education while they’re here. All their needs are taken care of, so much better than it was in the northern triangle where they left.”

While Ocasio-Cortez’s ignorant claims insult the Jewish community in her district — the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, Valdes noted — she “doubled-down and didn’t apologize for these antisemitic remarks.”

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