Sanders: Socialism will beat Trump

When speaking on the campus of George Washington University on Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sanders diluted the meaning of socialism, presenting his democratic socialist beliefs as opposition to President Trump’s “corporate socialism.”

The New York Times reported that Sanders “presented his vision of democratic socialism not as a set of extreme principles but as a pathway to ‘economic rights.’”

As he slips in current polls, Sanders twisted the word socialism to contrast himself with both President Trump and his Democrat opposition.

Reid J. Epstein and Sydney Ember at The New York Times wrote that Mr. Sanders “touted his record of putting forth policy plans, a subtle allusion to Ms. Warren, whose ranking in the polls rose as she released a steady stream of policy proposals.”

While Sen. Sanders defended his long-standing socialist views to distinguish himself from others, he exposed himself to the continued critiques that a democratic socialist nominee will result in the reelection of Trump.


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